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Car Accident Attorney and Real Estate Attorney.

Car "accident" Attorney

It's not an "accident".

Page 23 of the NY DMV Drivers' Manual states, "At this time, except where required by law, the term “accident” is frequently replaced by “crash.” This is because a “crash” can normally be prevented."  

 It's never "just an accident."  Careless and distracted driving is avoidable.  Pursuing those who risked the safety of others is an important aspect of our legal system. Holding careless drivers accountable helps prevent other drivers from driving negligently. 

Motorcycle Crashes

Did you know your auto insurance company doesn't protect injured motorcyclists as well it protects those in an enclosed vehicle?  We can explain this and all other aspects of a motorcycle crash.  If you were recently a motorcycle crash victim, call today. 

Car Crashes

Don't believe an insurance adjuster when he or she says, "you're not seriously injured under New York State Law."  That person is not an attorney.  Call us today to discuss your accident and injuries. 

Tractor/Trailer "Semi" Crashes

My dad was a truck driver.  I loved him and all his trucker buddies.  But many truckers today drive distracted, over-tired, and skip maintenance reviews.  This negligence kills and injures hundreds of people per year. These cases require detailed knowledge and experience. We can help. 

Hit and Run?

Not that kind of "hit and run"! Seriously, do you think because you were the victim of a hit and run, you can't recover money for injuries?  Before I was a lawyer, I thought that too.  (Hint, you're wrong.  Call us and  we'll explain why.) 

Pedestrians and Bicyclists

I have recovered thousands and thousands of dollars for injured pedestrians and bicyclists with very bad injuries.  We know how to deal with the insurance companies. (Why aren't these stock-photo people wearing helmets?)

Some other stuff...

No-Fault Insurance (also known as "Personal Injury Protection")

Car and Truck Crash Victims, if we represent you, we will help you complete the No-Fault application and explain the benefits available to you. 

Premises Liability

Everyone is responsible for keeping their premises free from known dangers, such as broken stairs, uneven sidewalks, etc.  If you've been hurt due to negligent maintenance and upkeep, call us.  We may be able to help. 

Wills and other End of Life Planning

If you die without a will or other "will substitutes" in place, do you know what will happen to your assets?  You may not like the answer.  Call us. 

Business Formation

Need help forming a partnership, LLC, etc.?  We're happy to help! 

Contract Reviews

Do you need someone to look over that lease agreement or explain the fine print?  We are happy to do this for you!

Other Legal Concerns?

If we can't help you, we can probably find someone who can.